Introducing Design evaluation: The world’s first solution to ensure designs follow your guidelines

We know first-hand that maintaining consistency in the final UI designs is a challenge despite using common UI elements. And one of the biggest challenges designer’s face is remembering the design rules.

That’s why we are building a solution that lets you get productive from the get-go without having to spend hours reviewing all the design rules. Violations get highlighted unobtrusively along with the recommendations provided to fix them. As a UI designer, you are in complete control of the process and have options to accept or dismiss the recommendation. Further to encourage creativity you can update existing design rules if your privileges allow. 

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Sample features

  • Use select ‘Material You’ guidelines available out-of-the-box or define your own rules
  • View recommendations to fix violations along with images
  • Select recommendations to adopt or ignore
  • View rules applicable for your organization
  • Update rules and visualize impact on existing designs before committ
  • X-ray your designs to see the design violations
  • Set preference to see violations either during the design process or at the end