Design Review

Improve consistency in your designs by identifying brand guideline violations and fixing them automatically

One of the key goals of a design process is to generate as many ideas as possible and there are virtually unlimited ways in which you can modify the properties of UI elements and combine them into a design. However, designs evolve through the tunnel vision and the past experiences of the individual designer and therefore inconsistencies, no matter how small, may creep in creating a profound impact on the end-users experience. 

Design Review works on the principle of achieving consistency across the organization by making every design align with the brand guidelines. Practically, Design Review feature analysis of a given design to not just identify violations but also recommend ways to make the design compliant. The decision to implement the recommendations is with the designer.


Use Material design 3 guidelines provided out of the box and/or easily define custom guidelines to suit your organizational needs


Stay in complete control of your designs. Design.AI recommends, designer makes the final decision

Time saver

Design.AI updates your design file based on recommendations chosen thus saving you a ton of efforts

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